Be Minful

Islamic scholars, imams, teachers, leaders, and all who strive to seek the truth are trusted servants of Allah Ta A’LA. They like we are fallible and can make mistakes. Who are we to judge the faults of another. Our leaders need our support in a variety of ways. We sometimes are their eyes and ears; as well as pointing out their imperfection. However, imperfect our leaders may or may not be, Allah Ta A’LA has entrusted them to impart knowledge. To guide and instruct His Umrah. Allah Ta A’LA has admonished us to leave off trade and all worldly affairs during Jumu’ah prayers. We are told to rush to the worship of Allah Ta A’LA. All else is to be put aside. Our worship is to and for Allah Ta A’LA alone. We are not tethered to the things of the world. It is Allah Ta A’LA who has called us to pray. There will come a day, a day of infinite truth. On that day, it will be said, “Woe to those who deny the truth, ya woe to the disbelievers, ya woe.” Let us not forget why we rush to Jumu’ah . It is not to meet and greet our fellow Muslim friends. It is not to answer our phone or call our friends that are not present. It is not to disrupt the salat or the kutbak with our worldly disregard of Allah Ta A’LA’s command to put off everything and rush to worship Him. We must be mindful of ourselves and our actions in the presence of the all wise Allah Ta A’LA when we answer His call to prayer in His house. Insha’Allah, Aameen.

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