A Straight Path

Broad is the way. Narrow is the path, and few there be that find it. It doesn’t matter what your nationality or your religious beliefs are. There IS a straight path that leads directly to Jannah, and few there be that find it. Allah Ta A’LA has called to a higher path of worship and praise. He is the orchestrator of everything that exists. There are no chance encounters, only divine appointments assigned by God. Acceptance of God’s will for us is key for the completion of our assignment. If we allow ourselves to be open to His guidance, miracles happen before our eyes. People from all walks of life and religious backgrounds can unite in sincere worship and praise. Those are the times when God’s grace and mercy opens to us in ways we do not understand. I thank Allah for every opportunity. When we wake, open our eyes, take a deep breath, and place our feet firmly on the floor in recognition of a new day, we should give thanks.

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