Know the A1C of Diabetes

My A1C and what I’ve learned as a result:

food plate.jpgEvery year I am required to have my physician conduct an overall physical.  Each year my A1C levels have been boarder line diabetic.  Last year the numbers were 124.  I was urged by my doctor to decrease the amount of sugar consumption I enjoyed on a daily bases.  I also knew that my weight and waistline had increased considerably, which made me a little more than conscious about my eating habits.  It’s frightening when your doctors show concern about specific areas.  Diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney and thyroid problems are all extremely concerning when the numbers just don’t add up.

In an attempt to lower the amount of glucose in my blood I began doing some research on the subject.  I found several beneficial books that explain my condition, what I need to do to resolve it and how to optimize my health by decreasing sugar intake.  I began the journey by reading as much as I could to attain a clear understanding of the steps needed to ensure success.     salad plates.jpg

After undergoing my yearly physical I am happy to announce that my A1C levels have decreased by 15 points.   You got it!!  Last year the levels were 124 and this year it’s 109.  As a point of reference, I want to point out that being diagnosed with diabetes the levels start at 126.  Normal blood glucose levels are 97 – 99.  As you can see in less than one year my levels have reached close to a normal range.  “I am so excited, I just can’t hide it – I’m about to lose control and I think I like.”  Not only did my levels come into a more normal range, I’ve also lost 30 pounds, and my waistline has decreased by 3 inches.  AMAZING!

I want to share with you some of the books [see below] I read that was very beneficial in helping me along the way.  The journey is not over and I continue to find and read more information daily that will encourage me to continue moving forward on my journey.

Book Recommendations:

**All books can be purchased by clicking the title link.  They can also be purchased on Kindle Unlimited and Audible for those of you who like to read on the go.**

Get the knowledge and motivation you need today.

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