Calm Reassurance


IMG_5764There’s a calm reassurance just knowing God hears your prayers. Daily you’ve seen His answers come in very unfamiliar ways.  You’ve heard others corroborate with joy how God is and has been working in their lives.  You consider the thought, “what He’s done for countless others, He’ll do for me.”  The endless struggle seems somehow over when you learn to trust God hold heartedly and rely on His words of encouragement.  You began to recognize there are lessons to be learned in everyday life events that will bring about confidence and transformation.

Cliff HangerYour perception of God no longer stems from fear of an all punishing God who looks to inflicted pain and began to appreciate the discomforts of disobedience which bring about revolutionary changes for the good.  Fear is replaced by unconditional faith.  No longer fearful of imminent consequences to circumstances you have no control over; the rational mind gives way to God-awareness working in your life regardless of how it looks or feels now.  Understanding that blessings come to you in miraculous ways you once thought impossible, no matter how incredible or mind-blowing, you know God is working things out in your life.  That kind of calm reassurance is priceless.  “Adrienne Vanterpool”


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