Audrey II CompressedAs I sit envisioning vivid memories of a little girl singing on the chore, writing poetry that made sense only to her, and yelping throughout the day in the rare form of what I called singing at the time.  I say yelping, not as a derogatory statement about my abilities, but rather in memory of my mother’s constant plea.  Yes, singing and writing have always been my passion, although it hasn’t always been appreciated by all who heard.  As the years moved forward I wrote less and less, and singing became nonexistent.  There were only those rare occasions when painful circumstances arose that I put pen to paper.  I spilled my emotions over the pages in an attempt to sort out what or how I was feeling.  Little did I know, one day my attempts to sort through my emotional state would someday become the foundation for my work.  Some of the work you’ll read comes from my many journals while other pieces are written just prior to being posted.  Some are excerpts from books or articles that have stimulated and encouraged.  I want to be the catalyst that moves you into action.  The journey begins with just one step followed by another. Today I am taking steps in the right direction; I hope that you will allow your dreams to flourish.

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