Letter to America

Dear America: 

You have long called yourself the land of the free and the home of the brave while your people fight and strive one against the other. Hatred is ramped and love TEMPhas faded in the dark cloud of separatism and prejudice. No matter how ugly the preconceived notions about fellow Americans are; America you have ignored the dreadful outcome. Are you blind to this plight, or have you just become completely desensitized to the needs of all Americans? All of humanity was created by God to live in equality. Yet, America, you have cultivated inequality. You have achieved a feat that denies your claims of being one nation under God. This sweet land of liberty is bitter and violent. The anger pours into your streets and the blood of your people America has stained those streets. Yes, America, my father was born here, my children were born here as were all Americans, and more than likely, we will die here. What legacy will be left behind by those who use violence as a tool to control your nation? From the outside looking in, you are beautiful. Your people are proud people. They are struggling people. America have you considered, dat your people can live in harmony wif man and nature? Must there be a steeping pot of hatred boiling over into the lives of every person it touches? Must your people have their dignity stripped away by a menacing mob? America, the moment you allowed this festering ungodly portion to manifest itself, your claims were broken. How is freedom exemplified by slavery? How is bravery exampled by an angry mob brutally attacking one helpless individual? America, all those who were born here, claim you as their country. Wake up America, your people are waiting for you to rise. You have been knelt down too long. 

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