“This too shall pass.”

This is a poignant statement. It gives rise to the realities of life. Things come and things go. What things, one might ask. Love, sadness, joy, friends, family, wealth, poverty, sickness, health, victory, and defeat are all transient. The only constant in life is change; nothing stays the same. Nothing last forever. Our time here will come to an end. What we do with the gifts we have been granted varies from person to person. When I speak of gifts I am not just talking about all the great and grandiose things that we can or have acquired. I speak also about times of sorrow, pain, and loss. These too are gifts. We may not understand when we are in a situation that puts us to the test. Later, as we reflect on what events have transpired, if we are open to the universe’s teachings, we will get clarity on the “why” of the event. That part. The part that lets us know in a very striking way, we are human and only God is in control. That part, that teaches us the lessons of life we need to take heed of in all our affairs. How do we not see God at work in every situation? No matter what it is, or how it feels, it is a gift from God giving us the strength to move. He created us to be fluent, not stagnant or stuck. I know it is hard to recognize the joy of knowing “this too shall pass,” because it will. He is my guide, my protector, my strength, and my comforter. Everything I need comes from His infinite source where there is no lack, only abundance. If He brought me to it, He will bring me through it. So enjoy the moment, this too shall pass.

You woke up this morning in pain or not. You took a deep breath, opened your eyes, and saw the sunshine even on a cloudy day. Rich or poor, it does not matter what your circumstance is; we are all blessed with the same opportunity each day we rise. Be grateful, this too shall pass.

Grand rising, Hanifah Abdul Haqq

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