Missed Opportunities

We routinely miss out on occasions to say I love you. However, we also miss enormous growth and character building lessons throughout life’s journey.

Man Hugging a Woman

Are there people in your life that you love and respect, however, they have no clue? Frequently we enjoy the company of our peers, family, and friends while doing so we develop strong bonds of affection and appreciation. Our feelings can range from love, respect, trust, admiration, and gratitude for having them in our lives. However, our loved ones can also be annoying, frustrating and a downright pain in the “!*!” yet we love them and truly enjoy their company on most days. How regularly do we forget to express words of love and appreciation into their lives? Do we habitually take them for granted? Our mind-reading abilities go out the window when it relates to our emotions. They should recognize we love them, right? No, the truth of the matter is, if you are not told how someone truly feels and do not share your feelings with them there is always room for suspicion.


The assertion that someone truly cares for you can get distorted when our reactions are involved. How we behave in a given situation differs, we sometimes react and on other occasions we response. Feelings of anger, mistrust, frustration, and betrayal can habitually bring out the worse in us. We all have defects of character that can cause the wrong message to be released. The person on the receiving end becomes acutely aware of your passionate overwhelming sense of self-preservation. Even though they are truly unaware of what may or may not be occurring in your life, they somehow blame themselves or their relationship as being the problem. It’s a good idea to let loved ones know where they stand in relations to how you are feeling at that moment in time.

I have incorporated this new personal practice in my life, by letting everyone know, to the best of my ability, just how they affect me whether it is positive or negative. I have learned over time that when I am affected negatively by an acquaintance there is generally something for me to learn about myself. Most assuredly it is my perception that makes mountains out of molehills. But that’s okay, by learning from each separate occurrences I am able to resolve whatever issue I am feeling within myself. I recently had the opportunity to thank someone whose mannerism and personality I allow to affect me in an undesirable way.

Woman sitting with a child

I did not want to miss the opportunity of getting to know this person better. She seems to enjoy life in ways that I have not yet explored and I realize that it made me feel uncomfortable. I am truly grateful for the learning curve; I am a work in progress. There are still many times when things slip by without getting my attention. However, after it has come back around a few times or more I eventually get it. Don’t move in and out of a relationship without letting people know how you really feel. It may be painful, but the strength you gain from doing so will be amazing. Love and respect yourself first and foremost, while never missing an opportunity to grow and be who you really are in each moment. “Adrienne Vanterpool”

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