Weight Loss Made Easy

Does everyone really want to lose weight?

Weight Loss Made Easy

We All Want to Lose Weight – Right?

No, not everyone is willing to do what it takes to lose a substantial amount of weight. Weight Loss Made Easy will help you slowly over a period of time lose unwanted fat; rid your body of excess water weight while rejuvenating your energy levels. That’s right, all this is possible and much more once you become willing to take the necessary steps to weight loss.

Start your process by drinking plenty of water at least half your body weight in ounces of water daily. To accomplish this goal I suggest downloading the Water Log app to your cell phone. This will allow you to keep an accurate account of how much water you drink per day. Once you have downloaded the app, go to the setup section and set a goal for yourself based on your current weight. You can also register your app by creating a password and include your email address which allows you access over the internet. However, this step is optional it’s your choice. While you may drink other beverages during the course of the day, please do not include their intake on your water log. This will only defeat the purpose. Drinking more water is your main goal. I also suggest cutting back on your intake sugar-laden drinks that add extra calories and fat to the equation. You’re off to a great start.

Sticking to your goals take strength and determination.

Now let’s examine our sugar intake. The goal here is to reduce or completely eliminate sugar consumption. Removing sugar in all its forms will greatly improve your weight loss efforts and maximize fat burning. One of the worst food substances we can consume is high fructose corn syrup; this should be avoided at all costs. Reading the labels of each product you plan to purchase is widely recommended. By the time you get your purchases home reading the label will do very little in terms of preventing you from eating an unhealthy food choice. And if you do read the label it’s almost certain that you’re going to eat it anyway. Getting to know your food will provide a better understanding; help you make an informed decision which ultimately may change your mind about its consumption. As dangerous as high fructose corn syrup is, it is not the only sugar trap we face. Bread, pasta, wheat, rice, and numerous other food-like substances contain that sticky little sweet treat – sugar. Because so many are addicted to sugar-laden processed foods and by-products, I would suggest backing off slowly. Take note of the reaction your body has to certain foods. How does it feel to eat or not eat them? You know when food affects you adversely. What are the effects: weight gain, gassiness, swollen feet, ingestion, and heartburn? See how you feel after cutting back. Do those reactions still plague you? What else are you eating that may be causing the same or similar conditions? Also note whether or not you feel satiated not full, but rather satisfied with your meal. If not, your body is missing some much need nutrients you haven’t acquired from your recent meals or food choices.

food plate
This delicious meal is jam-packed with sugar, salt and other additives that make this meal look appetizing.

If you’re feeling full but not satisfied you will soon be reaching for something else. This is the major cause of weight gain – not getting proper nourishment from our food sources which lead to overeating. Your body is starving and instead of feeding it nourishing and healthy foods we gorge on unhealthy food-like substances that provide very little nutrition. The worst part is that most of it is jam-packed with sugar.

How about those mystery meats? When it comes right down to it we should avoid processed meats. Processed meats are full of salt and preservatives, waste by-products and other unwanted leftovers that would be otherwise be trashed, are combined to make a tasty hot dog, lunch meat and so on. Buyers beware these food-like substances, although they taste delicious all packed in a bun, they are deadly. It is crucial that our consumption of foods jam-packed with salt be limited to much smaller amounts than we consider safe. All those crunchy, salty treats are somewhat difficult to cut out of our diet. However, they lead to mindless eating where we consume far more than we intended to eat. I have personally experienced this while watching TV. After several attempts to put that bag of chips down during the commercial break, I realized the bag was almost empty. Needless to say, it didn’t feel good.

market @
Choose wisely – have you read those labels?

I recognize that chips are not the problem. There are enough salty, crunchy foods and I can play the blame game for years. That would be a tragedy. What needs to happen is make better choices when shopping for food. That is where it starts, in the market before bringing it home. As stated previously taking much need time to read the labels will prevent poor food choices from ended up in the cart. This can be a difficult and painstaking process. We have developed a lifetime of poor eating habits over the years that we have become accustomed too. Create new healthy eating habits that will allow longer, healthier, happier, leaner lives over time. Moving away from predictable old bad habits that routinely show up can be done through effort and determination.

What are the options?

We can start by eating healthy fats like extra cold pressed olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil, avocados, nuts, seeds and real butter. Stop eating unhealthy fats like corn oil, peanut oil, safflower oil, canola oil, vegetable oil and the list goes on. Often we are inundated with bad advice about eating low-fat foods. Did you know your body actually needs the healthy fat source to survive and without good healthy fats you will gain weight? Read “Eat Fat Get Thin by Dr. Hyman” you will be surprised what you find out. Words of warring eat nuts and seeds in moderation because of their high caloric count. Let’s not down an entire bag of nuts without considering that. Also avoid bagged nuts that contain added salt, sugar, honey and other substances to make them taste “BETTER?” Nuts are fine in their natural state. Try a handful of raw nuts, plain dry roasted or pop them right out of the shell. It’s just that simple.

burger and fries
Make fast food a thing of the past – A good home cooked meal has more benefits than you can imagine.

God created Adam and Eve, they were hunter-gathers. They did not have microwaves, stoves, dishwashers, or any of the comforts of home as we experience today. They have to work hard for every bite. Things have become just too easy in today’s society. Everything has to be done in a hurry and sometimes that’s not fast enough. Imagine living in the time of the hunter-gathers where if you couldn’t catch it, dig it up or knot it out of the air you just didn’t eat. Oh but wait, let’s not forget about those tasty little grub worms and other bugs used as food. Would you be able to survive? Maybe not, however, you wouldn’t be struggling with a weight problem either. The point I am making here is that modern technology has afforded a life of ease, which in some ways is a curse. Comfort and ease will lead to unhealthy circumstances if you are not health conscious. Mindless eating, lack of exercise, poor food selections, and stationary lifestyles has created most of our health complications.

What can be done?
  • Begin by preparing most meals at home, that way you know exactly what ingredients are in the food.
  • Walk more; movement is a key element of obtaining and staying healthy. Start off by walking a little more each day, you don’t need a gym membership.
  • Don’t overdo it, you can hurt yourself, moreover, walking for longer distances can be boring to someone who’s not used to doing it. To prevent stopping your program before you have a set routine in place, start slowly and be deliberate in all your attempts.
  • Examine your sleep patterns; sleep has an awful lot to do with weight gain. If you are not getting proper rest your body will retain fat, water, toxic and eventual become sick.
  • Manage your stress level, stress causes a host of problems and weight gain is just one of the symptoms of a stressful lifestyle.
  • Practice meditation; meditation is good for your overall health. Once you have established a regimen of meditation practices you will most certainly notice the difference. Do everything in moderation; developing healthy habits take time, therefore, take a balanced approach.
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you fall back into old habits, just start over right then and there. Reassess your goals, examine how you are feeling, and move forward.

“Adrienne Vanterpool”

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