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Daily Meditation

meditate 5.jpgAre there times when you wake feeling stressed and did not sleep well through the night?  Including daily meditation in your morning routine will give you that desperately needed boost.  Take a few moments to collect your thoughts then stretch.  While stretching your limbs take a few short deep breaths, close your eyes.  As you become cognizant of your breathing allow your body to relax.  Clear your thoughts while remaining couscous of your breath.  Slowly count your breaths as you inhale and exhale.  Between each breath take one deep cleansing breath, hold it and then release.  As you lay there, allow each sensation to surface and dissipate.  Bring your awareness to the flow of life within you.  Remember that God has blessed you to see another day.  Despite what happened yesterday you are here now, in this moment of praise.  Be grateful, you have another opportunity to live life to its fullest.  You can begin your day with sorrow, anger, fear, disappointment, or praise.  Praise your way through those difficult moments.  You may not feel the strength of your praise until some later date, nevertheless continue to praise and be grateful for today, you might not see tomorrow.  Remembering God’s grace and mercy is made new every morning will restore your peace.  Allow that peace to reach deep into your spirit as you move throughout the day.  Be grateful it all comes to pass.  “Adrienne Vanterpool”     

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  1. Awesome Courtney, it’s great hearing from you. Meditation is an interracial part of my daily routine. I enjoy knowing that God can and will help me through each day without fail. Prayer and meditation is truly a blessing. Please share your experience I would love to hear how meditation is working in your life.

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