Daily Meditation

cropped-meditate3.jpgBegin Your Day With Meditation

There are times when God allow us the privilege of delving into unknown realms of reality.   However, when praise becomes so common placed in our lives that we forget to praise Him or even recollect why we began to initially; it is indicative of our mindlessness of the God we serve.   Let us often remember His grace and mercy that restores us daily. Begin your day in meditation.  Start by giving thanks for the ability to rise from your bed.  Try to find gratitude in knowing that you’ve been gifted with abilities beyond your imagination.  Open your eyes see the great possibilities that you will encounter as you move through your day.  Feel the life-giving blood that courses throughout your body.  Take a deep cleansing breath from your unlimited supply of oxygen flowing in and out of your body from unknown sources.  Remember without it unseen, yet constant flow your life would end.  Close your eyes feel the joy of living.  Forget whatever is troubling you, turn it over to God and be still in His all-knowing presence.  Praise Him for insight, smell, taste, song, dance, love, walking – painful or not – give thanks and praise for all things.  Become comfortable with your own abilities, focus your attention on how you are feeling and be open to where God is taking you.  Breathe.  Be grateful. Slow your thoughts and sink into the unseen spiritual realm remembering God sustains and provides for each need. Allow your mind to drift in and out of conscious continued thought while God replenishes your innermost being. Breathe slowing opening your eyes come back to the realm of knowing and begin your day refresh with power and love. “Adrienne Vanterpool”

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