Food for Thought


We are blessed continually by situations that arise in life unrelated to what may be occurring.   Unfortunate circumstances bring the gifts of choice, recognition, and pain.  While pleasant conditions provide more acceptable choices and enlightenment, they cannot replace the lessons learned from trotting the prickly path.  The power of forgiveness and acceptance is granted to each of us.  While we may not select to forgive or find acceptance, we are fully capable of doing so.  What is occurring today is not the sum total of or equivalent to the future.  We deserve to have a fulfilling, healthy relationship with self and no regrets.   Becoming capable of adjusting to your surroundings without taking part in negativity will strengthen your ability to turn away from harmful decisions based on unhealthy habits or old self-defeating learned behaviors.

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2 thoughts on “Food for Thought

  1. Although situations may provide us the ability to choose, positively or negatively, only strenghth and wisdom allow us to do so.

    1. Tracy, its great hearing from you I totally agree with and appreciate your input. Please continue to share your thoughts and insight. It’s amazing how strong we become when we are supported and encouraged by our peers. The hand that reaches back and grabs a firm hold on another is the backbone of success. “Adrienne Vanterpool”

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