My Weight Loss Journey

junk foodMy weight loss journey has been greatly filled with trial and error. I have frustratingly tried just about every diet program there is.  I have the Hashimoto’s disease, which is a thyroid deficiency that causes your metabolism to slow down and perform inadequately.  You may perhaps imagine my weight has gone up and down for years, partly because of Hashimoto’s and largely from very poor eating habits, stressful health episodes, sleep deprivation and frequent lackluster attempts.

Just recently I successfully lost 30 pounds. Yes, that’s right 30 pounds!!   Always on the lookout for some new healthy regimen, I came across intermittent fasting, which throws your body into ketosis and also the very comparable Paleo diet eaten by our ancestors centuries ago.  I watched several YouTube videos about these subjects, especially because I knew very little about either.   Coming up with a way to embark on a new weight loss journey has been the most fulfilling things I have done in a very long time.  Ditching the sugar-laden diet in all its forms, along with toxic oils that turn rancid after consumption; some even before and consistently engage in a diet suitable for being called healthy.salmon.jpg

These steps have changed my life. I have more energy, feel stronger, and sleep much better.  No longer plagued by the highs and lows of a sugar-based diet, my weight has stabilized and I am burning fat more efficiently.  Optimizing the fat burning process is a direct result of not eating sugar.  Who knew?  My weight has been dropping steadily seem I began eating this way.  I feel full and satiated after every meal.

I strongly suggest if you’re overweight and trial and error has been your story, get as much information as you can from all available sources and begin the journey. You will be more than glad you did. “Adrienne Vanterpool”

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