A Life Worth Living

Wake up each morning thanking God for another opportunity to celebrate His praise.  Glorify Him, worship Him and continue to give thanks throughout your day.

How awesome is it that you’ve opened your eyes, taken a deep breath, felt the warmth of sunshine on your face, and a slight pain or two, yet you got out of bed and relieved yourself of unwanted waste all while planning your day.

No amount of money can buy what you’ve feeing, heartfelt love of family, friends, and life.  Can anything compare to seeing the sun rise and set more than seeing it happen daily through pale, dark, or clear skies?  Truly we experience miracles every day.  This is a life worth living.

By the time I get to heaven, nothing will remain undone.  I will have walked every mile, spoken every word, done every deed.

By the time I get to heaven, my praise stores will be full of love, adoration, and joy.

By the time I get to heaven you will know that I was once here; doing, saying, feeling everything my creator instructed me to.

By the time I get to heaven, you’ll probably be headed there too.

By the time I get to heaven, I will have missed no opportunity, nor forgotten to say I love you over and over again.  I will have reached for the stars, accomplished every goal and lived life to its fullest.

This is truly a life worth living. “Adrienne Vanterpool”

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