Are you finding it hard to think positively about yourself?

It is sometimes difficult and almost impossible for some people to think positively about themselves. Not only are they listening to and adhering to the negative connotations that others impose, they’re also battling with their own negative self-talk which brings about more negativity. The more negatively you think about a situation, the worst of the situation becomes. Wondering why things almost predictively slide in the wrong direction is large because you haven’t taken the time to recognize the part you’ve played.  You’re placing so much energy into and focusing on the negative aspects; that you’ve lost hope and cannot see a positive resolution emerge. Focusing on a more positive conclusion you begin to understand that your future is not as bleak as you once thought. Develop strategies that will propel you towards squashing negative self-talk and begin to cultivate positive affirmations and the calm reassurance of God‘s will in your life today. “Adrienne Vanterpool”

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