Walking away is never easy, nor is it always the mature thing to do.

How many times in life you’ve been faced with this challenge? Often walking away seems to be the only rational thing to do. Knowing whether or not it’s the best solution takes time. Are there other ways to resolve the issues you’re being faced with? There are various types of counseling available that can lead to workable solutions. Finding the intermediary that will navigate you through your dilemma can be time staking and often painful.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is my relationship worth saving?
  2. Can I salvage my relationship?
  3. Has all hope been lost in this relationship?
  4. Can I tolerate the work it well take to move forward?
  5. Is starting over possible?
  6. Have I let go of my resentments?
  7. Will I cause more harm?

These may not seem relevant to every circumstance. However, asking the hard questions will take the focus off others and place it on you. Getting honest with yourself is necessary to stop placing blame on others.

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