Food:  How it Influences Bodily Functions

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How does your body respond to the foods you eat?  Over the weekend I had two very satisfying meals at different restaurants.  I choose what I assumed were their healthiest selections.  Considering this was not fast food, per say, my meals were jam-packed with salt, sugar, unhealthy fats and other undesirable substances that did an incredible job creating a tasty meal.  Needless to say, I enjoy every bite.  On the other hand, my body plunged into conservative and retaliation mode.  Those meals came with some very adverse side effects.  Short after consumption of the first poorly selected meal, I noticed swelling in my feet and hands.  I began experiencing flatulence, bloating and drowsiness.  In an effort to recover I ate very little that evening to offset some the effects.  The next morning I felt constipated.  I quickly reviewed my “Lose It” app to see exactly what I had consumed the night before to help me make better choices throughout the day.  After enjoying some much-needed chill-out time my husband and I decided to grab an early dinner.  Feeling rested and full of energy, eager to have a bite, off we went.  As I indicated earlier I made every attempt to pick the healthiest selections available.  Let’s talk about short-term memory; I totally overlooked the uncomfortable feeling I had experienced the day before.  Delving into my meal heaving with all those undesirables mentioned aforehand, I enjoyed every bite.  This was one of those I want seconds’ meals that often cause me to overindulge.  Is it any wonder that by the end of the day I felt sick and tired?  I determined that food was not my friend and that I shouldn’t eat another bite until the next morning.  Better said than done, those craving that accompanies poor foods choices crept up around 10 PM.  I made myself a huge glass of watermelon juice.  My thinking at the time was, “I’ll pull out my juicer, make juice for my husband and I then wash and put it away.”  Well, once the juicer was up and running I decided that it just didn’t make sense to make such a small portion, why not make enough for tomorrow.  Of course, we drank every drop shortly after it was made.  Recalling the vows that I made to myself regarding healthy eating habits, I made another declaration that this would be the end of poorly selected food choices.  Needing more information about the effects food cause in your body, I consulted Google.  Below is an article I found to be interesting, and beneficial.  I hope you’ll come away with a clear understanding of the positive and negative effects that food has after being ingested.

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How Does Food Impact Health?

2 thoughts on “Food:  How it Influences Bodily Functions

  1. This has happened to me over and over again….since I’m trying to put on weight. My body is rejecting all this unhealthy eating as I’m tired and restless days later. Trying to do better. Thanks for this info!

    1. Courtney I understand your struggle. Sometimes its just as difficult to gain weight as it is to lose it. Here’s something you might want to try. Your bodily functions may be out of sink. To get back on track try doing a cleanse. I think you might benefit greatly from adding probiotics to your daily regimen. This will rid your body of unwanted bad bacteria and replace it with healthy bacteria. Once that’s done start to incorporate healthy fats such as olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, and almond oil. Although you’re thin you want to avoid bad fats as they will only cause more damage. Eat plenty vegetables with butter never margarine, sweet potatoes baked also with butter, brown rice, quinoa, try assorted squash varieties baked and spaghetti squash. You may eat white rice cold to help feed the good bacteria in your gut. Try eating as many healthy foods as possible to strengthen your immune system and build healthy cell membranes throughout. It will take some time to heal, however, if you are determined you will reap the benefit of eating nutritious fortified foods. See what works best for you. Remember consistency is key, avoid all processed food-like substances as they will keep you sick. Peace and blessing.

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