Sugar’s Affects and Overall Health

Still not sure sugar is the culprit behind many of the health problems you now experience?

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Cheese Basket.jpgHere’s one something you can try which will help you understand just how sugar affects your overall health. Remove sugar in all forms from your diet for one month.  This may seem like an impossible request.   How important is your health? For those who feel that eliminating sugar completely for an entire month is literally unbearable, I suggest alternating the days in which you consume sugar.  This is an easier, softer way of reducing consumption that will help you reach your goal.  For optimal performance on the days you consume sugar, try eating only natural sugars.

The question many will ask is what natural and unnatural sugars are.   In an attempt to clarify the differences I did some research which lead me to the blog post below:

Natural vs Unnatural Sugars


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Last Tuesday, I wrote a bit about sugar and the dangers of consuming too much. Many of us are eating sugar without even knowing it, with many condiments and processed foods smuggling sugar into our diets.

There is such a thing as too much sugar, but does that mean you can cut them from your diet altogether? Well, not exactly. Carbohydrates, necessary to keep your body energized, are a sugar! Give up carbs altogether, and you won’t have any energy to get through the day.

Now, you might be thinking I’m contradicting myself. How can I tell you to cut sugar from your diet, but then tell you that sugars like carbs are a necessity of life? There is a distinction between necessary sugars and excessive sugars, and it’s as simple as looking at the source.

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