Are you tired of being tired of being sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Are you tired of being tired of being sick and tired of being sick and tired?  What? You may laugh at the thought of someone saying this phrase without barely taking a breather between words.

However funny or unreal it may seem for some this is their reality. Living with stressful situations that cause more stressful situations these words spread like wildfire in the hearts and minds of those who feel this way.

There has to come a time when being tired of being tired is not an option and moving towards a workable solution to rectify whatever is causing stress to mount up.  Think of the many great artists who tried and failed on numerous occasions while pressing forward to achieve their dreams.

What causes stress or the feelings of failure?  Is it our mindset that immobilizes you to the point you cannot see beyond the current moment?  Is it missed opportunities you feel will never return?  Is it poor lifestyle decisions that cause greater harm than good?

Knowing that life is an ever-changing forward moving phenomenon that can neither be stopped or slowed, we grab a firm hold of our seats and go for the ride.  Bound to hit speed bumps along the way we learn to survive.  Those periodic interruptions that seem to slow our stride can be frustrating, yet they provide opportunities for growth.  Our lives are meant to be lived no matter how bumpy the journey becomes.

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