Why is Israel bent on killing women and children? Why are they continuing to lie about what they are doing there? Don’t be fooled by their lies and fake news stories. The Gazians are being denied food, water, electricity, etc. All the basic needs to live, to exist as human beings. Isreal is enjoying all the pleasures of life. Watch closely when you see the videos. Really look at what they are showing and not what is being said. You will see that lies are being told right in front of you. What profit is there for Israel to destroy the Gaza strip? If you understand the truth about why they are committing these horrific crimes and pretending to be the victims, you will be on the side of humanity for all people. Israel, they are the oppressors. They are at fault, not the innocent women and children they are killing. We must call for peace. Don’t believe the lies Israel is telling us. THINK.

The White House will have its comment line open today from 11 am – 3 pm EST.

During that time, please call the White House and respectfully ask that the President call for deesclation of the war being waged in Gaza, ask for humanitarian relief for Gazians, and on negatiations for hostage rescue.

This will be very helpful, thanks.
Please set an alarm on your phone as a reminder of your commitment to PEACE & HUMANITY.

Call Whitehouse switchboard at 202-456-1414 and ask for the comment line.

Share in your groups, please.

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