Poor Lifestyle Decisions

It is becoming increasingly difficult to make lifestyle decisions that benefit you for the rest of your life. People are bogged down with worry and concern of how they’re going to pay bills, lose weight, get in shape, save money and so on, and on it goes.  Many lifestyle decisions are made during extremely stressful situations.  These are mostly times when a very pressing issue is looming overhead.  Yes, a decision must be made.  However, can you take the time to stop and think it through?  Can it wait just another day before you make that fatal decision to do something that will have an adverse effect?  Our impulse is to make that decision NOW and not wait.  The core of our thinking at that moment is, “it make get worse, I must do something about this now.”  You make that crucial decision to act impulsively only to discover, you should have waited.  Well, my friends, you are not alone.  Many people have acted the exact same way over and over again.  It’s time to slow down, think things through before moving forward in a direction that can end up with very unintentional life-changing effects.

Is there a solution? There have been many studies done and books written on how to make better lifestyle decisions.  So much of that material has gone unread by the folks who need it most.  The first key to finding a solution is to recognize what patterns are instilled in your decision-making process. How do you make decisions and under what circumstances?  What leads to poor lifestyle decisions and why do you continue to make them?  These are all perplexing questions.  If I could tell you exactly why I chose to eat that chocolate bar instead of that beautiful green healthy salad we could all make millions.  There are just times when we decide to do a thing and move forward without thinking.  I know you probably think something as trivial as deciding to eat chocolate as opposed to eating salad has no bearing on crucial lifestyle decisions.  However, it does.  We move through life making these type decisions overall; whether it’s eating chocolate, buying a home, changing jobs, deciding to save or not to save money these are all questionable when we make the wrong decision. “Adrienne Vanterpool”


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