The Path That Leads to Nowhere

The path to nowhere will lead you somewhere; perhaps somewhere you may not want to be.  Instead of wandering aimlessly down life’s highway, focus your attention on the journey.   Life is full of paths that lead to no particular destination.  Aimlessly wondering back and forth through confusing mazes of unintentional gateways that lead to pain, misery, and suffering will stunt your growth.  Take the next exit, pull over to the side of the road, and get your baring.  Ask yourself.  (1) Is my life’s journey an endless loop of despair?  (2) Have I been here before vowing never to return, only to find myself in the same place?  Then ask the God to move you in the direction He would have you go, with the confidence, strength, and courage that only He can offer – then start your journey over – this time moving in the right direction.

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