Positive Business Affirmations

I am living a rich, abundant, rewarding and successful life every day.

 My life is filled with positive people who know how to enjoy life to its fullest.

 I am successfully creating an abundant flow of wealth and prosperity in my life daily.

My life is prosperous and filled with overflowing abundance.

 I am an accomplished author, poet, and songwriter.

 I dream big, I achieve every goal and live in abundance now.

 I am grateful to be enjoying a life of prosperity and abundance.

 I am successfully achieving every goal I’ve to set to grow my business and I am living a prosperous fulfilling life as a result.

 I am living a life filled with richly rewarding relationships.

 I am experiencing prosperity and abundance in my life daily as a result of all my endeavors.

I am living a life that will allow me to pass on riches in abundance to my successors.

 I am fully prepared to successfully operate a prosperous, lucrative business

 I am successfully creating alliances with entrepreneurs and experienced professionals to create the business of my dreams.

I am enjoying relationships that will align me with prosperous and supportive business colleagues.

“Adrienne Vanterpool”



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